ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For most, Labor day means a day off work and some time to spend with the family. For Lyndale Senior Living, the job doesn’t stop for the holidays. There are still meals to prepare and medicine to deliver, but more than that, there are people to greet.

“Everybody wants to have their breakfast and their lunch and dinner, it’s just another day,” said Lyndale Lead server, Malinda Weaver on Labor Day Monday.

Although Lyndale runs a barebones staff on holidays, Weaver said all services offered at Lyndale are offered every day regardless of staff availability. It’s a promise its residents depend on.

“Holidays, you don’t notice any difference in the staff… They’re just so thoughtful. I just love them all,” Barbara Harris, a Lyndale resident, elated.

Aside from the daily services, employees are on call 24/7, which has proven essential to Harris’ quality of living in the past.

“They are such help and such immediate help,” praised Harris. “I broke my ankle a year ago this month in the middle of the night… Wasn’t any time until they were down checking on me.”

Beyond the physical needs, the staff and residents have a relationship that makes work a little easier to take on, even on a holiday.

“If you’re off a day, they’re like, ‘oh, well, we missed you. Did you have a good day off?’ And they wanna know what you did,” Weaver described.

Weaver told KTAB/KRBC it’s nice to know you’re missed when your away, and a close relationship like that makes coming into work a whole lot less work.

“That’s part of it, that’s family. You just… You’re here for them,” added Weaver.

Even on a holiday the Lyndale staff hold events for the residents. Labor day events included exercise, book club, quarter bingo, an apple tasting tour, games, and a Sno-Cone social. These events ensure every resident has a reason to go out and mingle every day of the week.