ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Some Wylie fourth grade students came back from their holiday break to somewhere new. Wylie East Intermediate just opened this morning and will now host fourth and fifth graders.

Rickey Bacon is the principal of this new campus.

“We had a lot of teachers doing a lot of work during their own break so it was kind of nice to see… They gave up their Christmas break to make this happen,” Bacon cheered.

Reading and writing teacher, Beverly Moore, knew the move was coming.

“There was that anticipation all year long of ‘I’ve got to move everything I have in a short amount of time at Christmas,'” Moore said.

Moore also explained that teachers and students felt the stress leading up to the move, and are feeling better now that they are in the new building.

“We’re just giddy excited that we’re here, and the kids are back. Things are going really well,” Moore said. “They see that, ‘oh it’s your stuff still, I’m still with my same teachers, I’m still with my same friends.'”

Moore also explained how coming from a larger school, she’s ready to embrace the change.

“Now to come in with just 200 or less [students] in the building, it’s like our own little world and so we’re really excited about it, looking forward to it and just anxious for a great new year,” Moore gushed.

Next fall, these fourth graders will move up to fifth grade at Wylie Intermediate and a new class will fill the rooms they leave behind. Principal Bacon says he looks forward to the day he’ll have a full house, but until then he’s enjoying the excitement of the new campus.

“It’s a little different as far as the physical building but it’s the tradition and the pride is concerned around Wylie,” Bacon said. “I think it’s always great to be a Wylie bulldog.”