ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Crew members are busy setting up production for the West Texas Rehab Center Telethon and Auction. The event has been going on for 53 years now and some crew members say they return every year because it’s become like a family. Plus, they enjoy being able to tell the stories of patients.

Curt Casassa has been directing the program for 18 years and started off as an associate director. He shared that although he’s based out of Nashville, telling the brave stories of people is what keeps him coming back to West Texas.

“That’s whats really so special about this and people at home they don’t see it, but I see it and it’s just really heartwarming to see some of these stories that are done, its just unbelievable,” Casassa expressed.

He added that every year, he looks forward to seeing the same crew.

“This is hands down my favorite show to do every year, simply because you feel like family when you’re coming here,” Casassa explained.

West Texas Rehab Center President and CEO, Steve Martin, said seeing the crew hard at work preparing for the event reminds him that it’s all worth it to help those in need.

“To be able to convey our mission to folks, to be able to talk about our patients, showcase what we do every day for the center you know, the 800 patients we see each and every day,” expressed Martin.

Martin is overjoyed the event is celebrating 53 years. For him, the reason why the telethon has longevity is all thanks to community involvement, from donating, participating in the auction, help with the planning and setting, or being a patient yourself. Martin said all the hard work that goes into this cause is what West Texas is about.

The 2023 REHAB Telethon & Auction will take place at the Abilene Convention Center on Saturday, January 21 and BigCountryHomepage will live stream this event from 7:00 p.m. to midnight.