ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A baby was born at the Salvation Army Monday evening – a first for the non-profit. KTAB/KRBC was able to meet the family to hear about this surprise. 

Sally is not the typical nickname you would expect to go with the name Maribel, but a unique birth warrants a unique name. Samantha Tiamfook and Miguel Martinez have been staying at the Salvation Army for nearly 30 days now. 

“We were getting ready to go get a voucher for some clothes at the Salvation Army thrift store because we didn’t have any winter clothes, and I was cramping,” said Tiamfook. 

This pain came two weeks before her due date and continued to get worse over time.

“I just wrote everything down as it was happening, and I was like, ‘Welp, we have to go to the hospital, so let’s get you ready,’” said her husband, Martinez. 

Tiamfook started to change clothes, but with an intense contraction and just one push later, Maribel was born at the non-profit. 

“I caught her, and he stood behind me, and we just cried for a moment,” Tiamfook recalled. 

Captain Joshua McKain said this has never happened at this location before. 

“We’ve seen a lot of unusual, unique circumstances. This was a first to have a baby delivered and born right here,” McKain explained. 

According to Captain McKain, when most people think about who the Salvation Army serves, they think of individuals experiencing homelessness, but this shows that the organization also serves families in need. 

“And so this is just a perfect example of a family who is doing the right thing on the right track and just needed a temporary place to stay until they get permanently housed, and so, we’re here. We’re here for them,” said McKain. 

However, to Tiamfook, the employees are no longer staff; they are family. Although it was scary to have a baby outside of the hospital, Tiamfook said she is thankful so many staff members were able to help Maribel – or Sally – come into this world.

This family has just received their housing voucher, meaning Maribel will be growing up in a new home soon.