ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — More and more people have been taking trips to the lake to fish, and judging by pictures seen on social media, there’s been great success out on the water.

Young fisherman Joel Martinez was at a secret fishing spot with his dad and grandpa at Lake Kirby. Martinez had other plans with his dad to golf initially, but settled for victory at Kirby instead.

“I just went in the water, grabbed the cast net, swung it and didn’t catch nothing at first. Didn’t catch nothing, didn’t catch nothing. I went a little bit further and caught something. Actually I caught two that time. Basically altogether I caught nine fish,” Martinez said.

He says it’s not the first time he’s been to Kirby Lake and has had plenty of memorable experiences fishing there.

“We went here a long time ago and we caught nothing. But basically the size that I had to deal with and my mom and my step dad, was like two and a half of me,” he says.

Martinez is thankful to get the opportunity to spend time with his family at the lake and rack up as many fish as he can.