Younger generation getting involved in the Black Lives Matter movement


ABILENE, TX (KRBC/KTAB) – “We the people” involves black, white, and encompasses old and young. But that last part, the younger generation is what Tina Loza focused on Saturday at the Black Lives Matter Rally.   

Tina says she’s white and in a biracial marriage.   

“I’ve have never had to suffer and type of social injustice at all,” she said.   

Most of her life she says her experience has differed than her younger mixed-raced family members.   

“All of children and grandchildren when they’ve gotten to be in middle school, they start to hear ‘why do you look Mexican but act white’,” she said.    

Because being younger doesn’t shield you from racism, thirteen-year-old Tanner Chula said it doesn’t matter your age.   

“You’re never too young to protest something you believe in,” he said.   

Maria Perez said from a young age they can make a difference.   

“You know they can start things in school maybe little social ground and maybe talk about, just get it out there more,” she said.     

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