ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – On the fields of Stevenson Park is where it all begins for young athletes in developing their mental toughness. Every year the 2Mile Movement youth sports camp offers speed, agility, footwork training and so much more. 

“You got to have a 2-mile mentality in order to change your reality, so within that, why go 1 mile when you can go 2,” said founder and CEO, Keevan Lucas.  

Former Abilene and Tulsa wide receiver, Lucas says he started 2Mile in order to pass down what he was taught throughout his football career. 

“I was just blessed to have a lot of mentors around me growing up, so for me, I always wanted to be able to do the same thing,” said Lucas.  

Lucas’s talents took him across the country, from school in Oklahoma to signing his free-agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Every year Lucas is reminded of where he came from with his camp. 

“Any chance that I get I just try to come back and just give back to my community and try to help this next generation of kids,” said Lucas. 

His high school teammate, Marlon Marquez says he brought 3 members of his family to participate this year knowing the work being down will eventually pay off. 

“He’s doing a good job. Every year he’s here, he’s sharpening the kids and teaching them something new. It’s a good deal,” said Marquez. 

Lucas says he hopes more than anything to steer these boys on the right path, even if it is not on the football field. He says his goal next time is to train close to 100 kids within the annual camp, as he wants to provide and give back to the Stevenson Park community as much as he can.