Babe Laufenberg talks one-on-one with Daryl Johnston


I’m joined by three-time Super Bowl champion Daryl”The Moose” Johnston and Daryl, do we start this with me giving the moose, calling you?

It’s always starts with you.

I grew up in Los Angeles, so I don’t know if that’s a mating call or I’m hungry. I don’t know what a moose is supposed to sound like. I didn’t even know if that sounds like a moose. I. I would just say, hey, we’re in 2020 anything goes. Right?

We are living in obviously literally unprecedented times. So naturally you’re going to have an unprecedented training camp, which they have going on right now in your 11 years as a player. What was the most challenging training camp you had? And I don’t just mean physically, I mean from just an emotional or mental standpoint personally.

Was the season after I hurt my neck coming back from my neck injury? You know, that’s a hard one to kind of get over. You know, you’ve always got that hesitation. You know, it was really a hit that I didn’t see coming. About 10 days any camp when I finally felt like, okay, everything’s going to be okay.

But for us as a team, as a group. You know, who live in Thousand Oaks, California, and coming down to Austin, Texas. And you know that that was that was a challenging camp as I’ve ever been.

You thought Austin was hot until you had camp in Wichita Falls right back.

I’m still trying to figure out how you go five hours north and it gets hotter.

You know, the Navy SEALs have a sign over their door as they pass through daily and it says the only easy day was yesterday. You thought, awesome, what’s hot out of Wichita Falls?

Exactly. I lobbied for Marfa, Texas, every year. The also was always the lowest temperature in the state of Texas. So, we should let them laugh. I don’t know where it is, but I want to go out there.

Great. Great town. Great town. And you talked about this Cowboys team. Have you ever seen this much optimism for a team that went eight and eight last year to be able to see that there’s a ton of optimism coming into this season?

To your point, from eight and eight with a coaching change, without the ability to be on the field as a team to work through that, the changes that accompany a new head coach and the challenges that they’ve had with the offseason being the way it has played out with this pandemic?

I think that there would be, you know, maybe some positive some positive feelings. And you can look at areas. But to say we’re very optimistic. I mean, I know there was excitement with the draft and Cee Dee Lamb and everything that happened there. But, you know, does that really get you to this point? So, I’m interested to see what happens not only with the Cowboys, but really with the entire NFL.

All right. You talk about this Cowboys team again. It’s been nearly a quarter century, Daryl. And you were part of those teams that this team has won a Super Bowl. Not only that, they’ve been it haven’t been to an NFC championship game in twenty-four years. If you can pinpoint one reason why that is. What would it be?

You know, I think that there was, you know, some difficulty transitioning out of those dynasty teams of the 90s. There’s been opportunities for the Cowboys with really good seasons, you know, with Tony Romo, Jason Witten with that group in the early 2000s, mid 2000s that had the opportunity to do something special. And they ran into some crazy circumstances. I mean, that Giants team that beat him went through, I think, three division champions or fourth division champions.

I will. Darryl, we certainly appreciate your time today. And you guys stay safe.

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