Winners are listed for 30 days following the contest end

Real Smooth Summer Contest
Sheila Segura — Baird

Freedom Festival Contest
Becky Sheppard — Abilene
Gayle Armstrong — Abilene
Colby Holdges — Abilene
Adele King — Colorado City

Aaron Watson concert tickets
Cynthia Meeks — Merkel
Cristina Lacey — Clyde
Lisa Harber — Clyde
Carson Merket — Abilene

Midland weather radio giveaway
Patty Hacker — Abilene
Norma Pernell — Abilene
Tom Nixon — Coleman
Nancy Medford — Abilene
Fernando Romero — Abilene

Repulsive Recliner giveaway
James Pliml — Abilene

Live to Graduate
Haley Tripaldi — Abilene





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