Which lawn darts are best?

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, barbeque or a Fourth of July celebration, the traditional game of lawn darts still fills the backyard with laughs and cheers.

Although not much has changed in this classic game of hitting targets and earning points, the HAKOL Lawn Darts Game – Glow in The Dark Outdoor Toy for Kids & Adults has a fun, cool twist that friends and family are sure to enjoy. Glow and the dark darts and rings make it easier to play at night, and two color sets of darts let you play in teams or one on one. 

What to know before you buy lawn darts


Lawn darts first appeared in the 1960s and initially, they were made about a foot long, with plastic fins at one end anda heavy metal top at the other end. The darts usually come in two colors, representing two teams. The playing concept for lawn darts is similar to the standard dart game, with the goal to hit the smaller target near the center, earning high points to win. Other versions include rings that are placed on the ground with the goal that the dart is aimed and thrown into the ring. Today, lawn darts are made from a soft plastic instead of metal, but the rules of the game remain the same. 


Lawn darts is one of the most common lawn games to play and one of the easiest to put together. The darts need little to no assembly and targets can be simply placed on the ground. This is a game that is recommended for kids ages 6 and up, which makes it a great game for families to play together. It is still a fun game to play alone if you like hitting the targets on your own. 

Playing spots

Playing lawn darts in the backyard is probably the most common and preferred way to play, but there are few rules when it comes to where you play. Today’s style of lawn darts bounce more on hard surfaces, so they are great for taking to the beach or playing on a soft grassy lawn. Some of the best places to play this game are at parks, public beaches or even in a carpeted, indoor area. 

What to look for in quality lawn darts

Fun features and designs

Funky designs, colors and additional features like dart posters or glow in the dark darts make game time with friends and family even more fun and exciting. Modern twists on this classic game will help take the playing to another level, which may keep your group playing for hours. 

Quality materials

Lawn darts are made of plastic but the kind of plastic that is used determines a quality lawn dart. Plastic that is soft near the tip of the dart helps absorb shock and impact so the dart doesn’t bounce too far from where it hit. This part of the dart should also be heavier than the fins near the end. The fins should be made of thinner plastic and they should be aerodynamic so your dart can fly through the air before touching down. 

Target mats

Sometimes lawn dart games come with target mats or dart posters. These mats can have funny characters or standard dart board design on them. Oftentimes they will be reversible with one design on either side. Target mats like these add an exciting new element to the game. The posters can also turn lawn darts into an educational game for math with addition and subtraction.  

How much you can expect to spend on lawn darts

Lawn darts is a fairly affordable game, with prices starting around $13 and up to $35 for a set.

Lawn darts FAQ

How do you play?

A. The game includes four darts and two target rings or a dart mat. This game can be played with up to four people. Rings are placed about 30-50 feet apart. Points are earned by throwing the darts at targets with a value. 

Why can’t I buy metal lawn darts?

A. Metal lawn darts were banned in the US in 1988 after a family experienced a tragic accident. Metal lawn darts have a sharp point that can puncture with enough force, which is why plastic darts are now used and sold. 

How do I clean lawn darts?

A. Lawn darts can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and water or cleaning spray. 

What are the best lawn darts to buy?

Top lawn darts 

HAKOL Lawn Darts Game – Glow in The Dark Outdoor Toy for Kids & Adults

HAKOL Lawn Darts Game – Glow in The Dark Outdoor Toy for Kids & Adults

What you need to know: A classic two person dart game with a glow in the dark twist.

What you’ll love: The glow in the dark feature on the darts and rings allows you to extend game time well into the evening and is made with a soft rubber like plastic that is easy to clean. 

What you should consider: These darts bounce, so it is recommended for soft surfaces only. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top lawn darts for the money

Nerf Soft Tip Lawn Dart Game Set with Storage Bag

Nerf Soft Tip Lawn Dart Game Set with Storage Bag

What you need to know: An affordable version of a two to four person game of lawn darts.

What you’ll love: Easy to carry and store lawn dart game with light darts and foldable rings you can take with you anywhere.

What you should consider: These darts tend to bounce a lot, so avoid playing near dirt or wet areas. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Worth checking out

ToyerZ Lawn Darts Outdoor Games for Kids & Adults 

ToyerZ Lawn Darts Outdoor Games for Kids & Adults 

What you need to know: This inflatable lawn dart game is great for younger kids to enjoy as well as adults. 

What you’ll love: This game comes with a dual sided target mat with stakes so you can easily play a friendly competition round or two. 

What you should consider: The inflatable darts may need to be reinflated after a while but if over inflated they could rupture. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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