ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – If you’ve recently passed by Abilene Christian University, you may have noticed that piles of dirt, soil, and metal can be seen from the road right off N Judge Ely Blvd and EN 16th Street.

Typically, in the summer college campuses can be quiet places with most of the students gone, but many people still have jobs to do on campus, especially construction workers. 

“Construction is just one visible way you can see some of those exciting things that are happening,” said Senior Vice President of Operations Kevin Campbell  

Campbell says currently ACU is undergoing two major projects, totaling about $65 million dollars. 

“I think the main thing people are always curious about is ‘what does that mean for tuition’, but with these projects, there’s no impact to tuition whatsoever on these projects,” said Campbell.  

This new development includes another new residence hall and a new science engineering and research center, being built where the Larry Sanders Intramural Fields once stood. 

“It’s very unique research that’s not taking place at other universities in the country and so we have a lot of students who are wanting to come to ACU and participate in this research,” said Campbell.  

Over the years for students like Hannah Pinson, says hearing construction seems like it’s been non-stop. 

“Before they finished this last recent freshman dorm it was a little annoying because you’d be walking across campus and it’ll be loud noises, but what can you do that’s just a part of the process,” said Pinson. 

And although this work has been going on all 4 years Pinson has attended ACU, she says it’s great to see the campus growing and become better at accommodating its students. 

“I’m glad that they’re making changes and that it’s hopefully going to be finished soon,” said Pinson.  

Campbell reassures the campus and the community that this hard work will not go to waste.  

“All of this is designed to kind of help our student experience and the research that will be taking place here,” said Campbell. 

Developers say the goal is to have both projects completed by the start of the Fall semester in 2023.