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Which humidor cabinet is best?

Cigars are one of the finer luxury items available. Unfortunately, they’re as difficult to store as they are luxurious. You can easily ruin a proper cigar if it’s allowed to rest in a room that doesn’t match its Caribbean origin’s temperate and humid environment. Using a humidor cabinet to maintain that environment is essential.

The best humidor cabinet is the Electronic Cooler Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar. This humidor cabinet can hold more than 100 cigars and has plenty of easy-to-use features.

What to know before you buy a humidor cabinet


Humidor cabinets can hold anywhere between 50 and a few hundred cigars, depending on their size. To properly maintain your cigars, you’ll need to make sure your humidor cabinet has just enough space to hold all of your cigars. Having more space than you need can potentially damage your cigars. 


The device responsible for controlling the moisture level in your humidor cabinet can come in a myriad of forms. The classical form is a small container of various shapes and sizes with a grill and some kind of material that holds and slowly disperses moisture. These humidifiers can occasionally grow mold if improperly cared for, leading many humidor cabinet owners to use gel packs to disperse moisture or tubes that you can refill with water.

What to look for in a quality humidor cabinet


The lining of a humidor cabinet is responsible for eliminating excess moisture and occasionally lending an additional flavor. Popular linings include cedar and mahogany.

  • Cedar: Cedar, especially Spanish cedar, linings are popular for humidor cabinet owners as they can resist the effects of the humid environment inside the humidor cabinet. They can also lend an extra smell that cigar lovers tend to like. With cedar linings, you need to air them out weekly, making maintaining stable humidity challenging.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany is popular due to its easy maintenance. It doesn’t need to be aired out, absorbs less moisture and lacks the additional flavors and scents imparted to the cigars.
  • Hygrometer and thermometer: Utilizing a good quality hygrometer and thermometer to measure the humidity and temperature, respectively, are imperative to ensuring your humidor cabinet is properly maintaining your cigars. Most humidor cabinet owners use digital hygrometers, thermometers and even devices that combine the two for increased simplicity.

How much you can expect to spend on a humidor cabinet

Humidor cabinets can vary in materials, sizes, shapes and features, leading to a huge range of possible prices. The cheapest humidor cabinets usually cost around $100, while the very best and biggest can reach costs of $1,000 or more.

Humidor cabinet FAQ

How do I properly prepare a new humidor cabinet for use?

Properly preparing a new humidor cabinet for use is a long process, but it’s absolutely crucial to ensure your cigars stay in peak condition. First, you need to calibrate the hygrometer by wrapping it in a damp towel to make sure it reads 95% or more. Then you’ll need to soak the humidifier, pat it dry, and install it and the hygrometer inside the humidor cabinet. Then soak a sponge in water and place it on a piece of plastic inside the humidor cabinet and close it, leaving it undisturbed for a day. Repeat until the humidor cabinet registers 70% humidity, give or take a few percentage points.

Can placing dried-out cigars in a humidor cabinet resuscitate them?

To a certain extent, yes, though they won’t ever regain their original level of quality. It will also take a good amount of time to properly revive them, as long as six to 12 months, with any attempt to quicken the process usually leading to further ruin.

What’s the best humidor cabinet to buy?

Top humidor cabinet

Electronic Cooler Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar

Electronic Cooler Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar

What you need to know: This electronic humidor cabinet has a high capacity and plenty of regulating features.

What you’ll love: This electronic humidor cabinet is listed as having a 150 cigar capacity. Slotted cedar wood shelving allows for a high degree of air circulation. The electronic controls make it easy to adjust settings. Manufacturer defects are covered under a one-year warranty.

What you should consider: Some consumers reported that their electronic humidor cabinet struggles to maintain either its humidity or temperature, occasionally both. The actual average capacity is around 100 cigars.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top humidor cabinet for the money

Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Cigar Humidor Cabinet

What you need to know: This wooden humidor cabinet has a gorgeous design and an attractively low price.

What you’ll love: This wooden humidor cabinet can hold up to 150 small-sized cigars with clear glass allowing it to serve as an attractive display case. Consumers reported that this humidor cabinet is easy to season. The dimensions are small enough to slide this humidor cabinet into small spaces.

What you should consider: Some consumers reported that some of these wooden humidor cabinets can struggle to maintain their humidity, requiring a replacement.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Woodronic Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Woodronic Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet

What you need to know: This humidor cabinet combines elements of electronic and wooden humidor cabinets for a multifaceted approach.

What you’ll love: This humidor cabinet is available in a 100-150 capacity version or a 50-100 capacity version in two color options. The door of this humidor cabinet uses magnets to ensure a tight seal. Electronic humidity controls make checking the humidity levels easy.

What you should consider: Some consumers reported that they received damaged or defective units which needed replacing. Some also reported units with unstable feet. The used wood is not solid cedar.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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