Which Disney princess toy is best?

Children love Disney and princesses, so the two together are sure to be a big hit. Disney princesses come dressed in familiar outfits from the movies as well as high fashion gowns. Changing their clothes and brushing their hair are fun activities for kids from toddlers to tweens.

Disney princesses are great for imaginative play. If you are looking for a Disney princess playset that is inspired by princesses from the animated Disney movies, take a look at the Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, a 2-foot tall magical place.

What to know before you buy a Disney princess toy

There are a dozen Disney princesses. Here is a little bit about each of them.

Snow White

Snow White is the first Disney princess. She lives in a cottage with the Seven Dwarfs. The Queen tricks her into eating a poison apple and she falls into a deep sleep. The only way she can be awakened is with a kiss from her true love, the Prince.


Cinderella is another Disney princess from the early days. Cinderella meets the Prince at the Royal Ball in a carriage made from a pumpkin. She loses her glass slipper when she runs away. After a long search, the Prince finally finds her and they live happily ever after. Cinderella is seen by many to be the unofficial leader of the Disney princesses.


Aurora is the princess from the film Sleeping Beauty. She is also awakened from a deep slumber by a kiss from her true love.


Ariel is the star of the Little Mermaid films and TV series. She tries to become human to win the love of a prince and witches get in her way.


Belle is the star of the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast and its sequels. A selfish prince is cursed to spend his life as a monster unless he falls in love with his beautiful prisoner, Belle.


Jasmine is a kind-hearted princess who meets Aladdin, a poor boy who finds a magic lamp that makes wishes come true in the Aladdin film series.


Pocahontas is a Native American whose story is based on a real person rather than the fairy tales of earlier princesses. Pocahontas is the first Disney princess to choose the welfare of her people over her true love.


Mulan is based upon a Chinese legend. Mulan disguised herself as a man to serve in the army to protect her ailing father. A noble warrior, she defeats the leader of the enemy army, saves China and brings honor to her family. 


Tiana stars in the Princess and the Frog. She kisses the prince when he is in frog form and turns into a frog herself. Together they set out on a journey to undo the magic spell. Tiana is the most modern of all the Disney princesses.


Rapunzel is based upon the fairy tale of the princess in the tower who lets down her extraordinarily long hair. Rapunzel appears in the film Tangled and her favorite weapon is a frying pan. The prince frees her from the clutches of the cruel woman who kidnapped her.


Merida is the first Pixar princess and appeared in the film Brave. She uses her archery skills in a brave effort to prevent a war and undo a beastly curse.


Moana was chosen by the Ocean to find an ancient gem and save her island from doom. With help and guidance from a demigod and her grandmother, Moana frees the world from darkness. 

What to look for in a quality Disney princess toy


When your child has a favorite Disney princess character, choosing a toy or doll is easy. When your child has several favorites, take a look at multi-packs that come with four, five or even a dozen little princesses. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney princess toy

You will find many individual toys for as little as $10 each and special edition toys for $100 or more. Doll collections cost from $20-$100. Playsets range in price from $20-$150.

Disney princess toy FAQ

Why are there so few Disney princes?

A. In Disney movies, the main character is usually a princess who is always instantly recognizable. Princes usually play background roles in Disney fantasies.

Is Disney changing how princesses look?

A. Disney is including more princesses from more cultures, lands and backgrounds.

What’s the best Disney princess toy to buy?

Top Disney princess toy 

Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace

Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace

What you need to know: This 2-foot-tall Disney princess palace is inspired by the animated Disney movies and comes with 13 accessories.

What you’ll love: The palace and everything that comes with it store neatly inside the carrying case. Pull the handle, and the second floor with towers pops up. Open the doors to look into Cinderella’s foyer, Belle’s dining room, Aurora’s kitchen, Ariel’s bathroom and a luxurious lounge. This magical castle is a great place to play with any and all Disney princesses.

What you should consider: Princess dolls scaled to fit this castle’s dimensions are sold separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top Disney princess toy for the money

Disney Princess Secret Styles Royal Ball Collection

Disney Princess Secret Styles Royal Ball Collection

What you need to know: Kids 4 years old and up have fun dressing these 3-inch-tall Disney princesses.

What you’ll love: This collection contains 12 Disney princess dolls, featuring Moana, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White, Tiana, Jasmine, Merida, Mulan and the original royal ball princess, Cinderella. Each princess comes with two outfits that are easy for small hands to change from one to the next.

What you should consider: These Disney princess toys are small but large enough for kids to identify as their favorite princesses in their favorite costumes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Disney Princess Travel Suitcase Playset

Disney Princess Travel Suitcase Playset

What you need to know: Travel in style with this pink Disney Princess rollaboard suitcase.

What you’ll love: This Disney Princess toy comes with 17 pretend play accessories, including a suitcase tag, sunglasses, airplane tickets, passport, earbuds, sleep mask, hand sanitizer, lip balm and travel map with case. 

What you should consider: This Disney princess playset has room to bring along your child’s favorite princesses while traveling in style.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.


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