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Which Kevin Minion toy is best? 

“Despicable Me” was a hit when it came out, due partially to the adorable Minion characters, and the Minions are still popular, thanks to the movie’s sequels and spinoffs. Kevin is the tall Minion with two eyes and many people’s favorite character.

If you or your kid want a Kevin Minion toy, you can’t go wrong with the Just Play 15-Inch Plush Kung Fu Kevin, which is decked out in goggles, gloves and a yellow jumpsuit. 

What to know before you buy a Kevin Minion toy

Types of Kevin Minion toys

  • Plush: These are popular display items, and their smooth material makes them fun to squeeze and cuddle. Sometimes, they play sounds or music when you press them. Although they’re soft, Minion plush toys often feature plastic goggles.
  • Action figure: These may have movable arms and legs. Most feature one of the many wacky props they use in the movies, such as the fart gun, freeze ray or a banana.
  • Collectible: These are used as display pieces and don’t have movable arms and legs. Funko Pops are the most popular Minion collectibles.

Age recommendations

The recommended age range for Minion plush toys is 3 and up, as they don’t contain small pieces or sharp edges. Although the plastic goggles may eventually fall off, they don’t pose a choking hazard. Small action figures are best suited for children 5 and older.


Most Minion toys don’t require batteries, though they may be included with those that require them for operation. Many interactive toys require AA batteries and eventually require replacements. Small action figures require LR44 batteries.

Kevin’s personality 

In the “Minions” spinoff movie, Kevin is the leader of the trio. He loves to tease other Minions and is frequently seen in golf attire. He isn’t known for being particularly smart. Like all Minions, Kevin lives to find a master to serve.

Kevin Minion toy size

Kevin toys come in a variety of sizes. Many Kevin plush toys are 7-12 inches tall, while some are up to 20 inches tall. Kevin action figures are 4-6 inches tall. Some toy sets include numerous tiny Minions less than 1 inch tall.

Ease of cleaning

Kids get their toys dirty if they play with them daily. You can clean action figures and collectibles with a damp washcloth or moist towelette. You can use the washer and dryer for many plush toys, but you should use the cold and light settings. Still, it’s usually best to use a damp washcloth and spot clean plush toys.

What to look for in a quality Kevin Minion toy

Accurate design

The Minions have a specific style. Officially licensed toys are usually the best designed. Still, several third-party manufacturers produce great toys. Quality Minion toys capture the personality of the character.


The Minions have numerous gadgets they use, many of which come with the toys. Toys with gadgets that light up, make sound effects and fire projectiles are ideal. Some Minion toys include interactive expressions or remote-controlled roller skates. Several Minion toys, such as the Action Assortment figures, interact with each other.


Although Kevin’s classic overalls are great, he’s known for wearing numerous costumes in the movies. Kevin’s yellow kung fu outfit is a popular choice. Many Kevin toys show him wearing pilot’s outfits, golfer outfits and more.


Durability is essential when buying plush toys. Cheaply made plush toys can rip, and the material they’re stuffed with may pose a choking hazard. Children are rough on action figures, so you’ll want a sturdy toy with arms and legs that won’t break off easily.

How much you can expect to spend on a Kevin Minion toy

Most Kevin Minion toys cost $10-$20.

Kevin Minion toy FAQ

Is Kevin the most popular Minion?

A. Kevin, Stuart and Bob are the three most recognizable Minions. Kevin’s leadership role in the spinoff movie made him quite popular.

What language do the Minions speak?

A. The Minions’ language is a mixture of English, Spanish, French, gibberish and food references.

How do you know if a Minion toy is durable?

A. In many cases, the materials aren’t listed in the product description. The best way to determine a toy’s durability is by reading product reviews.

What’s the best Kevin Minion toy to buy?

Top Kevin Minion toy

Just Play 15-Inch Plush Kung Fu Kevin

Just Play 15-Inch Plush Kung Fu Kevin

What you need to know: This plush showcases Kevin in one of his most popular costumes.

What you’ll love: It stands nearly 16 inches tall and is soft but durable. The arms are posable. The hard plastic goggles are securely attached to the plush material.

What you should consider: The goggles make it top-heavy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Kevin Minion toy for the money

Minions- Rise of Gru Kevin Action Figure

Minions: Rise of Gru Kevin Action Figure

What you need to know: This action figure features a flamethrower that fires pretend flames at the press of a button.

What you’ll love: It’s compatible with numerous other figures, including the Wild Rider RC vehicle. The welding mask is removable. It features posable arms.

What you should consider: The legs don’t move.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Just Play Minions- The Rise of Gru Small Plush Pilot Kevin

Just Play Minions: The Rise of Gru Small Plush Pilot Kevin

What you need to know: This plush dresses Kevin in his captain’s jacket and cap.

What you’ll love: The plush stands 9 inches tall. The embroidered eyes and mouth look excellent. It’s soft and durable.

What you should consider: The uniform isn’t as cuddly as the rest of the toy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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