The Key City Volleyball team has made it to Nationals held in Indiana at the end of June.

There’s only one word to describe how these girls feel about being the first 12 and under team from Abilene to make it to Nationals.

TaylorRae Lott said, “Oh I’m so excited it’s gonna be so much fun.”

Taylor Patteson said, “I’m very excited.”

Annalise Loudermilk said, “I’m really excited.”

Morgan Bearden said, “I’m very excited because nobody in Abilene has been.”

It wasn’t an easy road getting to where they are now.

“You got it Morgan. Yeah! Nice.”

Morgan Bearden said, “We thought that the only bids they were giving out were in gold, and we lost that game that morning. So, we thought we weren’t gonna get a bid to Nationals, but then we found out that the winner of the Silver Bracket got a bid too. So, we had to push our hardest to get Silver Bracket Champions to get the last bid.”

They may not all go to the same school, but weekend bonding is a must for this team.

Annalise Loudermilk said, “So, I think there’s about like four of us that go to school together, so we all hangout a lot and have sleepovers on off weekends and we go to eat and it’s just a lot of fun.”

“One, one, one, one, one. Nice!”

It’s safe to say this is something even the coaches will remember forever.

Sabrina Bingham said, “This is my first time taking our team to Nationals, I just hope Abilene going forward, that we start taking more and more of these teams with us. Kind of have it as a Key City volleyball thing and every year we’re sending multiple teams.”

Shalee Caspel said, “Oh, absolutely yes. The only thing I can take with me for long is going to playoffs for Cooper, that was something that was great too. But this is different it’s Nationals, in Abilene.”

These young ladies will start competition June 23rd in Indiana, and look out because they got one thing to tell you.

“Nationals here we come! “