Stamford quarterback Peyton Bevel’s senior season was way too incredible to be anything less than our BCH Sports Player of the Year. In 12 games, Peyton threw for over 45 hundred yards with 57 touchdowns, and rushed for almost 500 yards with 6 more TDs on the ground. That’s a combined 5,019 yards with 63 touchdowns. 

Peyton Bevel said, “I really could have asked for a better season. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other coaching staff or any other players so I think it was a great year getting to do it with the people I’ve grown up with since kindergarten.”

Coach Casey said, “Just having someone who’s a field general that goes out there and can produce the numbers that he can produce, that doesn’t happen every year.”

Not only did Peyton put up video game numbers this season, he also etched his name in Texas high school football history. Peyton broke the state records for most touchdown passes in a game and most passing yards in a game. He is also now the 2A single season passing leader of all time.

Peyton Bevel said, “For my achievements and my goals I never really thought about having an outstanding year as a lot of people say. As far as breaking those records, I just go out there and play and whatever happens happens, as Coach Casey likes to say. I don’t know, it’s just unbelievable. I never pictured going into my senior year that it would end up being like this.”

Ronnie Casey said, “It’s tremendous for us as a coaching staff to know that when you’re going to put a kid out there, he’s going to give you everything he has. It’s not just one second, it’s 48 minutes, and that’s what he’s been able to do the two years he’s been at quarterback.”

The senior has certainly left an impact on Texas high school football, but Peyton’s biggest hope is that he leaves an impact at Stamford.

Bevel said, “You don’t have to be the biggest dude to produce numbers or get your name in the paper or anything like that. When you do it, make sure to give your glory to God. I feel like I did that a lot. It’s not about how big the dog is, it’s about how big the fight is in the dog.”

One thing’s for certain: that Bulldog sure did have a lot of fight in him all season long. Congratulations to Stamford’s Peyton Bevel, our 2018 BCH Sports Player of the Year.