2019 FCA All-Star: Cameron Dacus

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The FCA football game is celebrating it’s 20 anniversary on Saturday at Shotwell Stadium. Albany’s Cameron Dacus was selected to play in this year’s and just like year one, it’s a big honor for him to be considered.

“To me it’s an honor to be selected for this, it’s obvious not every athlete gets to do this in the Big Country, but it’s nice to be chosen by the FCA organization and our coaches recommending us, it makes you feel like you’ve done your part in your town and I’m just excited to get out there one more time,” Cameron Dacus said.

“You’ve played these kids most of your life, you know what they have and what they do so that is a weird part. There is a plus to that in that knowing you know their game and you know how to work together with them putting both of y’alls games together to come out with a win.”

“We’ll play with each other, practice with each other, creating a great bond and you’ll come out with great friends,” Dacus said. “They show Christ in everything that they do, that’s a big part of me too. It’s nice to be chosen by them especially because they are a Christian organization.”

“It’s also a relationship growing time so you’ll come out with a more Christian aspect of life which is what everybody needs I think so it’ll be a fun time.”

“When you are playing with the best, you want to go your hardest and I think that’s what you’ll learn the best is that you’ll learn how to work even harder than you normally do. I think that if you are looking to get closer to God and you are also an athlete, I think this is a great opportunity for anybody that would love to do that. It’s going to be fun.”

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