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Who are ten of the Players to Watch out for in this high school football season? You are going to find out over the next two weeks.

It starts over at Abilene High. Eric Abbe’s season was cut short in 2018, Mary Margaret tells you why he’s a Player to Watch in 2019.

In the summer of 2018, Eric Abbe and Kallin Sipe were battling for the Abilene High starting quarterback spot. Abbe won the honors of getting the first start for the Eagles, but his time under center was cut short when he tore his ACL in the first half of the season opener. This year, Eric Abbe is back, but his goals are a little bit different.

“Hopefully to play past the first game, past the first half hopefully. I’m praying,” Eric Abbe said. “But I just want wins for the team, just want what’s best for the team, if it’s me or if it’s not me, I’m fine with it. As long as we’re winning.”

Nobody wants to suffer a season ending injury, but for Eric, it was almost an eye opening experience, and he learned a lot from it.

“I learned it’s more about the team after my injury. It’s not all about me, because I was a little self conscious, but now I’m more of a team player than I ever was,” Abbe said.

“He came along to where it was a team deal and he was encouraging and helped the quarterbacks last year,” Coach Mike Fullen said. “Going into the spring I think it just gave him a new perspective on things and I think he’s going to be great for us this year.”

The thing that sets Eric apart from QBs of Eagles past is that he’s a dual threat quarterback. He’s got a great arm, but he can also take off when needed. Head coach Mike Fullen is looking forward to seeing his shiftiness this season.

“He can make any throw, and he knows that. But he also knows that he can take off whenever he wants to. From a defensive aspect, that’s a threat,” Coach Fullen said.

The Eagles have had a tough couple of injury plagued years, and have missed the playoffs in both 2017 and 2018. But this year, with Eric in charge of the offense, they’re hoping things will be different.

“We’re definitely going to work hard this year. I think this is probably one of the best off seasons we’ve had in quite a while,” Abbe said. “We all took it more serious, weren’t playing around half the time, so we should be pretty set. The whole team really wants to make playoffs. We’ve been without it three years now and it really hurts all of us, so we just want to get there.”

Eric Abbe, a BCH Sports Player to Watch.

We continue our look at the Players to Watch with a trip to Hawley on Tuesday when we introduce you to the Bearcats’ Colton Marshall.

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