2021 Players to Watch: Jason Jackson, Jr., Brownwood Lions

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Then sophomore Jason Jackson had 32 catches for 655 yards and nine touchdowns in just eight games for the Brownwood Lions in 2020.

He can’t wait to get back out on the gridiron to create more havoc for opposing defenses.

Jason Jackson says, “I’m really excited. i’ve just been thinking about it. Just waiting for the two-a-days to happen and see what I can do on two-a-days and from there I can see what I’m going to do this season.”

In his first year on varsity, Jackson averaged 21 yards per catch, and made a habit of taking the top off of the defense and creating mismatches across the field.

Coach Sammy Burnett says, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-yard route or a 20-yard route, once he gets the ball in his hands he’s explosive. He geos from zero to sixty in two steps and has the potential every time he touches the ballt o make a big play. So it makes life easier for a coach when you’re trying to call plays that get it into someones hands like Jason and allow him just to do his thing.”

Jackson says he’s proud of his success to this point, but he thinks it’s important to focus on the team and not on just his individual accolades.

Jackson says, “You just gotta stay focused number one, and then number two don’t think selfish about just you. Think about the that are around you that are working just as hard.”

Jackson’s ability to break out and make big scoring plays gives opposing defenses a lot to think about when they are preparing to face the Lions offense.

Coach Sammy Burnett says, “If you ask anybody we play, they’re going to know who #18 is and they’re going to have a defense that’s going to stop him. Whether choosing two people or not, or taking two people outside the box to try to help in the short game stuff, but what’s a blessing for us is we do have other kids that are going to make big plays. So they’re not going to be able to focus just on Jason, and if they do we’ll punish them in another way.”

Burnett added he has been fortunate to coach many talented players over the years, and he says Jason has the ability to one day play on Saturday’s, and maybe even Sunday’s.

Coach Sammy Burnett says, “I still think Jason has potential he doesn’t even know he has, and as a coach it’s our job to tap that potential, and get him to become better than he ever thought he could be.”

Jason Jackson is a BCH Sports Player to Watch in 2021.

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