The Comanche Indians are working hard this season with six returners on both sides of the ball.

After going 1-9 last year and no postseason in sight, they’re already starting off better than that winning their first two games of the season so far.

Outscoring those two opponents with a combined score of 91 to 25.

The feeling of success is contagious throughout the team.

Dom Rios said, “I think one of the most things that’s contagious for us is energy, if one person comes out with energy then we all come out with energy. Being 2-0 is a perk, but we’re not finished here. We’re not happy with 2-0.”

Diego Gonzalez said, “It feels great but this is just the start. This isn’t the big picture, we look forward to winning more games and getting better.”

With a losing season last year and getting off on the right foot this year.

The team feels a sense of pressure lifted off it’s shoulders.

Head coach Jake Escobar said, “That weight has been lifted, I told the kids before the season that I’m gonna have fun. They’ve worked hard, they worked hard in the spring, they worked hard in the summer. So I told them that I’m gonna enjoy it cause you’ve paid the price.”

The Indians have their eyes set on a district championship.

The program hasn’t secured one since 2018 where they went undefeated in district play and went three rounds deep in the playoffs.

Before they get to district, they’ve got 3 straight weeks of extremely good opponents to face off with on their non district schedule, those being Early Tolar and Albany.

Gonzalez added, “I feel like we should be able to stop these teams on defense as well, we should be getting a stop on defense and answering with offense. That’s what we were missing last year cause sometimes we would get a stop and our offense couldn’t get it going, or we would get a touchdown and our defense couldn’t stop them. But this year it’s been going way better than that and I look forward to seeing how we’re gonna grow as a team against better opponents and see how we get better against them.”

The Indians continue the season on Friday night at home against the Early Longhorns at 7 p.m.