Snyder’s Easton Stewart is a Sports Player to Watch in 2022.

Easton Stewart said, “I’m not gonna say that necessarily, he had a good year. I’m gonna try to do as best I can to help our team so, just like he did.”

Looking to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Hunter, who led the Snyder Tigers to a deep playoff run last year for the first time in over a decade, Easton Stewart is competing for the starting quarterback role. A job his brother has held for two years.


Stewart added, “Well it’s definitely a goal we’re trying to work towards. And being able to do it after my brother would be a great experience. But instead of trying to do what he did, I’m trying to start my own path and follow in his footsteps.”

Fourth year Head Coach Wes Wood says there’s some comparison between the two, but a few differences as well.

Wes Wood said, “Yeah Easton’s just a competitor through and through. He’s got a lot of his brothers same abilities you know; character, leadership and those types of great qualities. But one thing I think I might give him the nod on is he’s got a little bit more of kind of like swag in his step. Hunter was just straight laced man he’s a good kid and works super hard with whatever you ask and Easton’s not scared to get his nose dirty.”

Stewart has never played on a varsity football stage before. And it’s an opportunity he isn’t going to take for granted.

Stewart said, “I’ve been ready to go. Football’s probably one of my favorites if not my favorite sport to play. I’m ready to get my pads on and get out there with my team and work.”

Wood added, “The thing about Easton is, you know, coming in and stepping in and playing varsity baseball as a freshman, that’s really helped mold him. He has varsity experience just not varsity football experience. I think that will carry over for him as far as being able to handle the pressure.”