Football season is right around the corner, and this year the Brownwood Lions will have a new man calling plays behind center. Junior Ike Hall led Brownwood’s JV team to an undefeated campaign in 2021, and his ability to throw the deep ball is a major reason why.

Jake Jetton said, “Those deep balls are insane! Especially when we have our two outside receivers, me and JJ (Jason Jackson) and the two on the inside are really fast. So we can get to that deep route, get the ball, and it’s a touchdown almost every time.”

Head Coach Sammy Burnett said, “He’s always been able to throw the deep ball, even on the JV. They lit people up because we had some guys that could take the top off it, and he would just put it out there and let them go get it.”

During his sophomore season, Hall scored a combined 39 touchdowns. After seeing all of that success, Head Coach Sammy Burnett caught some heat for not bringing him up to play on varsity sooner, but Coach Burnett says there was a method to the madness.

Head Coach Sammy Burnett said, “We had two goals in mind. One was to build his confidence and have him ready, when his time came, and also to keep that unit together because they were having a lot of success. I want them to learn how to win.”

Ike Hall added, “I think confidence is very important, because you can’t go out there and have no confidence, you’re going to mess up on things. Having confidence helps you out a lot.”

With Hall under center, this group of young talent players moving up to vasrsity is creating a great deal of optimism in Brownwood.

Jason Jackson added, “He was my quarterback in TYFL (Texas Youth Football League), so we’ve been had that chemistry. It’s new to him, but he just learns fast, so we’ve just got to tell him and let him know what’s going on and he’ll just do it.”

Coach Burnett is proud of the growth he’s seen in his young quarterback, and says the strides Hall made while playing 7 on 7’s this summer, will be crucial to his development moving forward.

Head Coach Sammy Burnett said, “The game slowed down for him. He started putting balls in windows and throwing receivers open and anticipating them coming out of their breaks. That is going to make him dynamic.”

Hall’s teammates and coaches can’t wait to see how bright he shines under the Friday Night Lights.

Jake Jetton said, “When he gets in them pads, he’s going to be able to run and make better passes out of the pocket running.”

Head Coach Sammy Burnett said, “I just see him maturating into the athlete that I think he doesn’t know that he can become, and I think we’re going to look up in a couple of years and he’s going to be knocking on the door of a big name school somewhere.”

Brownwood quarterback Ike Hall is a Player to Watch