Jadin Jackson has had a leadership role with the Coleman Bluecats since his Sophomore year at starting quarterback.

Jadin Jackson said, “I mean it’s a lot of pressure. I mean it’s a blessing to have that pressure, because not everybody gets the opportunity.”

Head Coach John Elder said, “Yeah I mean, from the start to the finish he grew a lot. He got better each and every week. He had a great sophomore season. We’re looking forward to the things that he’s gonna be able to do for us on both sides of the ball coming into the next two seasons.

Jackson rushed for over 900 yards and 16 touchdowns. Something not a lot of quarterbacks can do.

Jackson added, “It just feels like all the work has paid off. Ya know, and coaches have believe in me since I was a sophomore. So it just feels good that I’ve made them proud last year and maybe we can do better this year. I just feel like I got a lot of heart to where I wanna put my team in the best position to win.”

Elder added, “He throws a good ball and gets the ball out. It sets him apart. What can make him even better is getting the ball downfield and complete some sort of passes. Along with his run game to be versatile like that will set him apart.

His teammates going into their last year as a Bluecat, love having the successful offense with Jadin.

Ryland Gentry said, “He came at a young age with that much pressure on his shoulders. He competed really well and did a lot for our team this year. Hope he can do it this year.”

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