203 wins later, Cisco’s Brent West calls it a coaching career


Dusty Baker said, “A legendary coaching career is coming to a close here in Cisco as Head Coach Brent West has announced today that he officially will retire from being Head Coach of the Cisco Loboes football team and instead will be taking over strictly as the Athletic Director. When you look at his career, he took this team to five state title appearances and was able to capture one in the 2013 season. He says he is thankful for his opportunities but is ready to move forward.”

Head Coach Brent West said, “I’ll be the overall Athletic Director and sometimes, as a Head Football Coach, that’s sometimes hard to do. I’m not where I need to be at times, the girls program at times needs assistance and you’re too busy and tied up with football to give any help at all to our girls program during basketball season. I’m going to miss that relationship that you build with your players, I know that’s going to be different, but the relationship that I have with my coaches will remain the same and that’s something I look forward to every day I come into the fieldhouse, spending time with my coaches and of course Yanka. If you haven’t met Yanka yet, she’s a new part of the coaching staff, she’s been with us a year now and we are proud of Yanka. I’m going to be at every football game and I’ll be apart of practices, it’s just going to be a different role.”

Baker said, “It’s been a very successful coaching career for Coach West as he was able to rack in 203 career wins and on top of that and maybe more imporantly he now even has a street named after him, Brent West Avenue. Reporting at Brent West Avenue in Cisco, for BCH Sports, I’m Dusty Baker.”

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