Most people think about 7-on-7 as an offensive game, and a game specifically for the offensive players.

That isn’t the case, at all.

The defensive players benefit just as much as the players on the other side of the ball.

Linebackers and secondary players get the chance to work on man to man coverages, and they say the speed of the game helps them a great deal.

Jake Jetton said, “Seven on seven is a lot different than Friday Night Lights. It’s faster, there’s seven people, not eleven. You’ve got to be able to scan the field quick, because there’s only four seconds until that ball is going to be coming out quick if it’s a good quarterback. So if you can scan the field good, you should be good either way.”

Luke Burson added, “Seven on seven is not really like my strong suit, I like to hit people and stuff, but I think just being together, and showing that we can play together. Working like man defense as a linebacker, getting better at guarding like smalled people, like little people in space. Being able to like get the plays down, know what everyone else around you is going to do and just kind of get used to playing with each other.”

The 7-on-7 season wraps on Saturday, and the State Lineman Challenge is on Saturday at Hardin-Simmons.