With just one week left of 7-on-7 pools happening this weekend to qualify for state, getting to play football again after 7 months is exciting to most of the players and having 7-on-7 is just an opportunity for them to get back into the sport they love.

Dom Rios said, “For me this past year, I’m only played five games at linebacker. So for me, 7-on-7 with the skill kit, it gives me equal chemistry with them cause they can trust me a whole lot more about covering a guy without having to help me. That’s just one thing that helps me build chemistry with my team.”
Joey Zink said, “I think it’s a great opportunity to get some reps in, we can’t be in full pads so it’s a great way to practice with your teammates against other opponents. It’s a good thing.”
Rodey Hooper said, “I mean it’s great, it’s kind of like a practice before getting into the actual like padding wise. So it’s good to get down like the routes and the timing and all that, it really helps out.”
Dominic Vega said, “It’s awesome we get to like bond as a team, we get to do like what we would do in the regular season. Our routes are getting crisper, our quarterbacks arm is getting stronger. So it’s all about having that connection with everybody.”

The state 7-on-7 tournament takes place June 23rd through the 25th at Veterans Park in College Station.