When this little guy isn’t playing some baseball of his own, he’s here. As a bat boy for the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys with his grandpa that he calls coach.

Tucker Coleman is only 8 years old, so he has a lot going on for his age. School, little leagues games but especially making any game he can to help out the Cowboys.

Tucker Coleman said, “It’s really an honor to be out here and out of a scale of 1-10, it’s probably a ten. I just love to be out here everytime they have a game and I wanna be out here to just be with the guys and like just play.”

He’s even made some friends along the way, especially one he calls his best friend.

Tucker added, “He’s been my friend through and through. So I learn a couple things from him too.

Corey Ballew said, “I sure hope so, it’s a lifelong friendship between me and him. It’ll be fun. he’s a good kid.”

Coach Coleman is a busy man himself coaching a very successful team, but he loves these moments getting to spend time with his grandson in a sport they both love.

Steve Coleman said, “He’s such a sweet, spirited kid. He brings a element to them that reminds them on how this game is supposed to be. I think that’s special, and we certainly love having him at home obviously.”

And the entire family loves watching him from the stands.

Lori Coleman said, “We’re just thankful that we have someone in the game still that can allow this to happen.”

Lisa Coleman said, “It means the world to him and I;m gonna get all misty over this, but it’s amazing. It’s amazing.”

Reporter: How great is it to get to watch both of them out here on the field? Taylor and Tatum Coleman said, “Umm.”
Reporter: Is it a lot of fun?
Taylor and Tatum added, “Uh Huh”

Tucker and the Cowboys are back at it at Hunter Field tomorrow hosting The University of Dallas.