HAMLIN, Texas (BCH Sports) – Emalee Duniven is a left-handed catcher and she never thought much of it until playing Softball.

“Oh my gosh it’s really not that common I guess,” said Emalee Duniven. “A lot of people tell me it’s crazy, like oh my gosh you’re a left-handed catcher but I just don’t understand why it’s crazy. I just feel like a normal person,” Duniven added.

While other’s think having a left-handed catcher is unusual Duniven ensures it’s no big deal for Hamlin Softball.

Duniven said, “It’s never really been a struggle for me because I just don’t think it just get it there and don’t focus on what could happen, I just work around it.”

Throughout Duniven’s high school career, head coach Jason Botos says she’s become an integral part of the Lady Pied Pipers.

“You can tell right away that she was pretty special athlete,” said coach Botos. “She always told me she’s a left-handed third baseman and I said I’m not playing you at third base not having it and she didn’t believe me. And she said I can catch, and I said OK you can catch,” he said.

Botos knew that a left-handed catcher could be a game-changer, so he decided to give Duniven a chance.

“I put her behind the dish and man in one practice she was it. I could tell the way she moved the way she played and received the ball that she understood and that’s her fault,” said Botos.

“It is pretty rare to see a pitcher but to see a catcher it’s like over the top rare, it’s insane. And to have us both together that’s even more incredibly rare,” said left-handed pitcher Zoe Moore.

And even though being a left-handed catcher is rare, Duniven feels she’s found her true calling behind the plate.

After graduation, Duniven plans to continue her softball career at Southern Arkansas University.