There is a lot of discussion among the high school football community about the benefits of 7-on-7 in the summer.

Most will agree that it’s good, but those same people will disagree on why.

Some says it’s about refining the passing game.

Some say it’s about team building and creating a brotherhood.

Others will say it’s just a great way to keep the athletes active in the summer.

The players say they like being together and getting better at the game.

Wylie’s Hunter Hood said, “Yeah I mean it’s a fun way just to keep playing football and a lot of people enjoy it so I mean it’s fun for us, even just coming out here even in the summer gives us something to do before we start the long process of getting ready for games.”

Cooper quarterback Austin Cummins said, “I mean it’s alright, it’s not as good as like regular football during the season. Cause, our offense is based towards running the ball and stuff, but it’s great to have a great time out here it is kinda hot though.”

Abilene High quarterback Brayden Henry said, “It’s a good experience, it’s like gold bonding with your team during the summer. Ya know, you always have something to do like playing football and if you’re loving it, you’re gonna love coming out here and playing and so it’s just really fun to play with your teammates.”

Wylie receiver Braden Regala said, “I think it’s great because team’s get to like play with eachother and build a little chemistry before the season starts and see what they got before the season.”

Abilene High quarterback Dylan Slack said, “Oh it’s great, the team bonding out here is phenomenal. I mean we just come out here during the week and early in the mornings, come out here and have a good time and play the game we love so it’s good for team bonding but like, we also don’t run any plays that we don’t run during the season so it’s just extra practice for us. It’s great, we love it.”

Abilene and surrounding areas host a Division III state qualifier and a Division II state qualifier in the next week and a half. State is June 22-24.