Every team in the Big Country is on the field getting ready for the 2022 high school football season, every team except, Abilene High, Cooper, and Wylie.

All three of those schools held spring practice, so the upperclassmen can’t hit the field until Monday.

Watching everyone practice isn’t as hard as you might think, but all three head coaches, Abilene High’s Mike Fullen, Cooper’s Aaron Roan, and Wylie’s Clay Martin, are ready to get started.

Wylie head coach Clay Martin said, “We all want to get started and start putting on pads, but we are getting a lot of good in each day and each week. We are getting to crank up the freshmen and younger kids and spend some time with them. It’s a good time.”

Cooper head coach Aaron Roan said, “I don’t think it’s that hard, honestly. We’re waiting to put helmets on. The strength and conditioning program has been going on all summer. We’ve been going through the spring, the things the UIL allows us to do through out the summer. It keeps us going, keeps us intune to our kids.”

Abilene High head coach Mike Fullen said, “Because we do spring ball, we have to wait a week while everybody else is hitting the ‘go button,’ but we got the freshmen in, so we’ve already got started with those guys. The coaches are getting back into the routine of coaching kids and are excited about Monday and getting everybody back in place and getting rolling.”

All three schools hit the field on Monday morning.

Cooper opens the season against Keller at Shotwell Stadium on August 25.

Wylie starts 2022 in Brownwood against the Lions on August 26.

Abilene High’s opener at Shotwell Stadium on August 26th against Odessa Permian.