ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – This 2023 season for the Abilene High Eagles, their success isn’t due to just one standout quarterback, but rather the unique synergy between two talented signal-callers, Dylan Slack and Brayden Henry.

Dylan Slack said, “We’re there for each other on the field and on the sideline.”

“Really just like picking each other up, not bring each other down,” said Brayden Henry. “Especially after a bad drive or a three an out.”

With every snap, the two are making each other better. How? Well, they’re partners in pursuit of gridiron excellence.

Slack said, “He’s helped me by saying I know you did this, but missed this on the back side or if this didn’t work then try this. He’s just helped me notice the little things that is hard to notice when you’re actually in the position.”

“Last year my feet work was terrible. He’s helping me there and transferring my weight through my ball so that really helped a lot,” said Henry.

They quickly realized that their differences are their greatest assets.

“Play calling,” said Slack. “We help each other out, we help each other succeed because just the different styles of play but also on the sideline. Like if I come off the field on a bad drive, he’s the first person to pick me up.”

Henry added, “Seeing defenses more, recognizing them more and knowing how to get out of situations that I wasn’t use to like last year. I’m throwing more this year. Opening up my game is really what’s helping us right now.”

As the season progresses, opposing defenses struggle to anticipate the Eagles’ offensive game plan.

“Honestly you have to have two different game plans for us because we have two different play styles,” said Henry. “Trying to game plan for two quarterbacks in one week, that’s hard for a defense to do.”

So far, the duo quarterbacks is working as the Eagles are soaring into week two of district play 1-0. Abilene High host Tascosa Friday at 7 p.m. in their homecoming game.