The Eagles enter the games that matter with a 1-3 record, after losing back to back games these past two weeks.

The upside to that is that none of that matters as they could be 0-4, but because the old record is out the window they’re now concentrating on the next six games.

Timothy Outlaw said, “One thing we’ve been doing is to go 1-0 each week.We have to win each week. We can’t focus on a game three weeks down without focusing on the one in front of you, so we have to take each week 1-0 and that’s been our motivation to get through this week and taking each day as another game as a 1-0 each day that way we get better each day.”

Kevion Williams said, “It’s very important because if we win this that puts everybody on notice that the Eagles are back we’re here to play. I think we’re eager to show people what we got and the coaches put up a good scheme, game plan of what we can execute, so yea I feel pretty good about it.”

Abilene High starts play in their new district against Lubbock Monterey Friday night at 7 p.m.