The Abilene High Eagles were among the 16 teams playing in the Abilene state 7-on-7 state qualifying tournament.

The day was a chance for the Eagles to get things tuned up because they are already headed to the state tournament.

When athletes take the field, they want to win, and they want to win at the highest level.

Playing in College Station is the highest level in the summer months.

Dylan Slack said, “Yeah it’s great. I mean that was our goal. We only got two tournaments this year instead of three and our goal is to make it on the first one and that’s what we did and I mean everyone’s made plays and everyone’s got to touch the ball and it’s been a great time.”

Brayden Henry said, “It’s a pretty awesome feeling that we made it like first tournament and that we still come out here and have fun without having to try to make it to state still and we can still get better and stuff, but just come out here and have fun. I feel good. I mean we’ve all been playing good. Everybody’s been improving from last year and when it comes fall we should be, we should be good so.”

It is almost time to go to the state tournament.

The 7-on-7 state tournament starts on June 22 and runs through June 24.