Abilene High head coach Mike Fullen and his Eagles finished the regular season with a 17-10 road loss to Amarillo High on Friday night.

Missed opportunities led to the loss, but the Eagles are still headed to the postseason.

This week is an open week for the Eagles.

It’s the first time the Eagles get a week without a game before the playoffs.

It remains to be seen if it’s a good thing, but Abilene High will use the week to rest and heal and get ready for the third season.

Fullen said, “We are definitely going to use it to some guys healthy. There are a lot of guys that are sore, beat up, and so it’s come at a good time for us to build our energy tank back up, build our bodies back up. It’s a good time for us to work on our academics because the end of the six weeks are coming up, so it’s a good time for our guys to strictly focus on our studies and get some good football work in and then start a new season next week.”

Abilene High finished the regular season with a 3-3 record.

They will be the third or the fourth seed in the playoffs.

No matter who they play, the Eagles are headed to El Paso.