ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Friday night definitely didn’t go the way the Abilene High Eagles wanted, and they lost to the Midland Legacy Rebels, 48-17.

The Eagles had lots of chances in the first half, but they didn’t take advantage.

The second half got out of hand after several turnovers by Abilene High.

After the game, Fullen said his team won’t get beat twice by the same game.

What exactly does that mean?

Fullen said, “You can’t go back and dwell on those things. You’ve got to learn from them, and if you let them sink in, they change your focus, and they change what you need to do to get better. We’re going to just move on from it. We’re not going to stay with the highs too long, and we aren’t going to stay with the lows too long. We are going to learn from the successes, and we aren’t going to dwell on the failures. That’s what I mean by “we aren’t going to let a loss beat us twice.”

Abilene High gets the high scoring Frenship Tigers this week.

The Tigers are 3-0 and outscored Lubbock Monterey last week.

That game is in the Lubbock area. It’s another 7 p.m. kick off.