The Abilene High Eagles are ready to get back to work after their open date on Friday night.

Head coach Justin Reese’s team is 2-2 in district play, and they play their in town rivals this week.

It starts with their first ever district game againsdt Wylie and ends on Friday night with the Crosstown Showdown.

Rivalry games are fun, and Reese and his guys are ready to face some folks they are familiar with.

Reese said, “We have our rivlary games back to back right so, we play Wylie and Cooper back to back coming up and you know for our kids we’re just going to embrace it and have fun. They’re friends with a lot of them, it’s going to be great for our city of Abilene. There’s going to be some really good basketball here in Abilene the next couple of weeks. We’re going to embrace the challenge and let it rip.”

Senior Jake Breckenridge said, “We’ve prepared really well in all four district games so far and I think that’s part of the reason why we’ve been successful in some games. Especially in the second half when we’re away from our bench, it’s just really key to talk and communicate what plays we’re running. It’s always fun playing against those guys especially since we’ve known them, grown up with them and played with them over the Summer and stuff like that. I’m pretty excited and we’re hoping for a big turnout.”

Abilene High and the Wylie Bulldogs meet for the first time ever in a district contest Tuesday night.

They meet at Bulldog Gym. Wylie enters the game with a 1-4 district record.