The Abilene High Eagles are headed up to Amarillo for their final game of the regular season.

We specify the regular season because the Eagles are already in the playoffs, so the season continues in two weeks.

This is the third year in a row for the Eagles to go to the postseason, and it never gets old.

Dre Abril said, “We were really hoping for the win, we we’re all focus and I think we really bonded as a team last game. I was very excited, mostly excited for the team to play more than just the district games. We’re defiantly not going to take this game for granted and defiantly going to try our best and get ready for playoffs.”

Tristen Hall said, “It felt really good because you know everyone was kind of doubting us in the beginning of the season, like this is not the team thats going to go to the playoffs this year. So it felt good when we made the playoffs and proved a point to everybody. That was like one of my big goals is making the playoffs every season I get a chance to so yeah.”

Abilene High takes on Amarillo High in the season finale on Friday.

The Eagles and the Sandies kick it off at 4 p.m.