Abilene High head coach Mike Fullen and his Eagles received their custom Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine on Thursday.

The Eagles are one of just twelve school in the state to receive the special magazines with their own custom cover.

It’s a special honor for Abilene High as they begin a new era in Class 5A athletics.

The football team start their journey in Class 5A Division I next week.

Noah Hatcher said, “It’s crazy knowing that there are so many teams in Texas being in the top twelve and being on the cover for it.”

Head coach Mike Fullen said, “This is something that our players are going to be able have and treasure for the rest of their lives because to have that magazine and keep it forever. I’ve still have mine from back when I was in high school.”

The Eagles scrimmae Wylie tomorrow night at Shotwell Stadium at 6 p.m.

By the way, Wylie was also one of the twelve schools honored by Texas Football with a custom cover.