It’s week 2 of the season, and it’s already time for the Crosstown Showdown.

Abilene High is coming off a season-opening loss to Odessa Permian, and they would love to get on track against their rivals, the Cooper Cougars.

This is meeting number 62 between the two schools.

The Eagles have 25 wins in that time, and the series is even with five wins in the last ten meetings. Crosstown week can be distracting, and head coach Mike Fullen says there is time for work and the festivities that come with it.

Fullen said, “It is for the community and the players to have fun, but the fun is on Friday night. You want to put the work in and be prepared. The unique thing about this game is like when you are competing in whatever, whether it’s corn hole in the back yard, it’s family. Guys know each other. We(the coaches) know each other. We have a motto, ‘One town, one family.’ You don’t want to beat anyone more than when you are in the backyard with your kin folks throwing corn hole, so it makes for a friendly, highly competitive night.”

The 62nd edition of the Crosstown Showdown is coming up on Friday night.

It’s a non-district game for the 11th time and the ninth year in row, but the fan base and the players want the bragging rights.

They kick off at 7 p.m.