The Abilene High Eagles added freshman quarterback Brayden Henry to the mix, and that addition has improved the offense.

Henry and Dylan Slack are sharing the role at quarterback. Most of the time if you have two quarterbacks you don’t really have a quarterback, but that’s not the case for the Eagles.

Henry and Slack are working well together and that side of the ball is clicking.

Dylan Slack said, “It’s fun to teach him a lot. I love him, he’s a good kid. I love being around him and it’s just fun being able to help him and coach him up, be there with him and walk him through it. Our friendship is going to last more than football will so I mean that’s the important thing. He’s doing a great job. That win last week he contributed a lot and did a great job so I’m very proud of him.”

Brayden Henry said, “It’s a good opportunity, he’s teaching me a lot. We learn from each others mistakes and just work off each. All the older classman they walk me through it like you can just calm down and play the game and it’s just an honor to be out there and play.”

Henry and Slack lead the Eagles to Mansfield to take on Red Oak Friday night.

This is the first meeting between the two schools.