Abilene High workouts are a ‘day at the beach’

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Most schools have a weight room, turf room and a field to workout on, but for Abilene High you can add a sand pit to that list.

Strength and conditioning coach Conlan Aguirre will have his athletes do several workouts in the pit every other week creating a unique workout to add to the summer.

Conlan Aguirre said, “We use it mainly for our kids, it helps them with decreasing soreness but increases the work load and the instability of the sand itself when it moves it works to stabilize the muscles of our kids.”

The pit has been a traditional workout for AHS athletics for awhile, Aguirre himself had a pit going through high school and is happy it remains as a useful workout.

Aguirre said, “Even when I was going through high school, we were talking about it this morning, we actually had a bigger sand pit that we use to use, but this one got put in a couple years ago and obviously with Covid last year we couldn’t really get in it, but we try to make sure we use it every year.”

While it may be part of a tough workout, the young athletes also find fun in going to the pit and treading around in the sand.

Timothy Outlaw said, “We all have fun when we come out here, we call it beach party. We get out here and there’s a smile on everyone’s face, we all have different personalities to bring to the table and we all just have fun.”

Aguirre said, “I think they enjoy getting in there and be a kid and throw some sand around, but also afterwards, they don’t want to put their socks on because they got their dirty feet, but it’s something they enjoy and they get after it.”

The Eagles are building up and excited to get started on the 2021 season after the summer.

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