ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Wylie head football coach and athletic director Clay Martin and his brother and head baseball coach Grant Martin are a lethal duo for the Bulldogs’ athletic program.

Clay won a couple of state baseball championships at Wylie before taking over the football program.

Grant took his brother’s place as head baseball coach and has four playoff runs to his credit.

Brothers in the same athletic program, especially, when one is the athletic director, doesn’t always work, but Clay and Grant make it look easy.

Grant Martin said, “Yeah we’ve worked together for a long long time. Things have changed a lot since we first began, but it’s an unbelievable opportunity to be together on a daily basis. We’re always honest with each other and so I think that’s a really good thing, at times it can be a little testy. But no it’s a great thing, to be able to do.”

Grant add, “Well he’s very bossy.”

Clay Martin said, “Yeah, Grant makes a lot of stuff up. He’s been that way his whole life.”

Grant laughed, “No, he’s not. The great thing is he has the best interest for all of us coaches and all of his players and it’s always been that way and will never change. For me, hopefully my work ethic, he’s a mentor to me and a lot more good than bad I can tell you that.”

Clay added, “You know Grant does just an incredible job and relationships with kids. And for us to be able to work together and have had two stints at it and we worked together for a long time and it’s always fun to get to work together.”

“It’s a lot easier on my mom. Instead of two teams she has one. So for our family it’s a dream come true. My dad was coach, uncle was a coach and Clay’s boys now have gotten into coaching and so for us it’s a family affair and something we look forward to each and every year” said Grant.

Wylie’s Clay and Grant Martin are the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coaches of the Week.