CLYDE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Clyde Bulldog head football Danny Dudgeon is this week’s Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week this week.

Dudgeon is in his third season as the Bulldog’s head coach after spending several years as Cooper’s offensive coordinator.

He took over a program that had struggled in the years prior, and his job was to rebuild the Clyde football program.

Dudgeon is building something special in Callahan County.

His team is 3-0 this year, after the Bulldogs won just one game in 2022.

It’s been a long, slow process to build a winner at Clyde, and it appears the Bulldogs are headed in the right direction thanks in large part to Dudgeon.

ATFCU Coach of the Week Danny Dudgeon said, “The big difference is you’ve got to see the full picture. Coming from an offensive coordinator standpoint, all I had to worry about was offensively how well we were doing. Now only do we have to worry about that but also worry about how we’re doing defensively, where JV are going on Thursday nights and stuff like that.”

Dudgeon added, “It is very different, it’s something they don’t prepare you for, you kind of find out by doing and so there was definitely a learning curve the first year of all of this. Proud of our athletics department for hanging in there with for year one and now we kind of got ahead of the direction as a whole. The kids here are extremely hard working kids and it’s a place where you can develop kids into being very competitive.”

“You know I think the sky is the limit, we talk to them all the time about reaching goals that haven’t been seen here in Clyde. I don’t think there’s any ceiling on this potential, it’s just a matter of how hard we want to work and how hard are kids are wanting to go. I think this groups got a chance to set that bar really high if they keep getting better and improving each week,” said Dudgeon.

Danny Dudgeon is the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.