HAMLIN, Texas (BCH Sports) – Hamlin Pied Pipers head football coach Jason Botos is this week’s Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.

Just this season, Hamlin’s head softball coach Jason Botos is now wearing multiple caps. He goes from offensive coordinator to head football coach and athletic director.

It’s a lot to juggle for sure, but having been in the education field for 22 years Botos says he’s taught and coached at every level in the Lone Star state.

This includes 6-man to 6A in multiple capacities. It’s a new excitement for coach Botos as he has a solid history with the Pied Pipers athletic program.

Jason Botos said, “The kids have bought in. They bought into the system that we put in the early fall, and the coaches have all bought in, man. They bring excitement and energy each day. We are changing mindsets and mentalities around here.

“We had a big film session the other day, and we had to remind them what the Piper Way was, and what we are going to do on and off the field and make sure that we are good examples for our community. That’s probably the biggest obstacle that we’ve had to overcome,” he added.

“We got a leadership council here. The kids all want to be a part of it. We buy into community service and doing the right thing,” said Botos.

Mason Brannon said, “I definitely have been rooting for him to be a head coach for us. I really like coach Botos. He’s been on my tail since I was just a seventh grade manager about watching the lineman to try to get better. He’s always been in my corner trying to make me better. He definitely has a bigger impact. He knows us. He knows what our attitudes are. He knows who wants to win, and who don’t.”

Botos went on to say, “Letting kids know that they can overcome adversity. Those are the types of traits that coaches should be coaching. If we can take care of the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. The X’s and O’s will take care of themselves.

Jason Botos is the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.