Head coach Matt Fanning is entering his sixth season leading the Jim Ned Indians.

In that time, Fanning is 50-13 as the Indians head coach.

That means he is just four wins from passing Brad McCoy as the coach with the most wins in school history.

This season Fanning is the head coach, only. In most districts, the football coach is also the athletic director. Starting this year, the jobs are seperate.

Some coaches wouldn’t like that, but Fanning is perfectly content to coach his team, and leave the administration duties to someone else.

Head coach Matt Fanning said, “Nah, it’s been fun. It’s taken a lot off my plate, and I’ve been able to spend more time just doing this with my guys. I’ve been able to spend a little more time with my family, and I can’t say enough about the job Coach Todd is doing and stepping into that role and really taking it where it needs to go.” He added, “It was a good idea for us to split it, and it’s been a blessing, so far, and hopefully, I can pour more into this, and, you know, I feel like I do a lot anyway. You know it’s gonna go well.”

Brayden Shipman said, “He’s an amazing coach. I mean he pushes us to be our best on the field and off the field, and he’s just a great guy and I mean we love him so.”

Fanning gets to add to his 50-win total starting on August 25 against Hawley at Indian Stadium.

Matt Fanning is the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.