Abilene Christian High School’s KJ Kriviss is making waves with his incredible skills on the court, but what sets him apart is not just his talent, it’s where he’s from.

Macoy Armstrong, who is part of Kriviss’ host family said, “I think he talks a little bit funny. He’s like, ‘Oh no, don’t do that, man.'”

KJ Kriviss, “I come from North Europe; a very very small country called Latvia.”

That’s where his parents quickly instilled in him a love for the game at a young age.

Edide Kriviss, his mother, said, “We were very happy with this decision because it was his decision, and we just support him. We love him very much and happy about his decision.”

Kriviss came to Texas playing basketball, first at Benjamin in his junior year, and he transferred for his senior year to play for head coach Kevin Brooks and the Abilene Christian Panthers.

Brooks said, “He picked up real quick on how to come in a play with these guys. I feel like his passing ability is what fits so well with this group; passing and rebounding the ball. And all the others they just have that tenacity so it’s a great fit.”

About Brooks, Kriviss said, “Oh he’s not any easy coach especially to his best players. He’s very hard. He might joke around after the practice, before the practice but during the practice he’s locked in and wants to get the job done.”

Kriviss averaged almost 19 points a game and pulls down nine rebounds, but for him, basketball is more than just increasing his stats.

Kriviss said, “I really don’t try to go after the stats, I mean if I really wanted to, I could average more but I put my team interest first and I just want to win. I try to help the team win and that’s all.”

The team swept district play with a perfect 10-0 record and finished the regular season 23-4, and Kriviss says they aren’t finished.

He added, “I think this senior year has been great so far and hopefully we can achieve our last goal and that is to win state.”

Kriviss and the Panthers start the playoffs against Red Oak Ovilla Christian on Tuesday at Panther Gym at 6 p.m.