ACU athletic director Allen Ward responds to BCH Sports questions about Southland cancellations


David Robinett(DR) asked: How soon until we know if or who and when ACU is going to play in fall football?

Allen Ward(AW) answered: I hope to know something in the next 10-14 days.  To make that happen, there are a number of questions that require answers from the NCAA and Southland in order to fully evaluate what’s in our best interest this fall.

DR: How frustrating is this cancellation for you since ACU is capable of meeting all of the protocols set up by the NCAA?

AW: As reflected in Dr. Schubert’s statement, we understand the Southland’s decision to postpone fall sports. At the same time, we know how disappointing it is to our student-athletes. We believe it’s in their best interest to compete as long as they can do so safely. We will continue to monitor the landscape closely and explore opportunities for them to play this fall.

DR: How likely is it that the fall sports will actually be able to play in the spring? What has to change between now and then to make it happen?

AW: Well, certainly the narratives and assessments have to change regarding the risks associated with the pandemic. As in society, there are understandable differences of opinion amongst members and even among medical experts. My hope is that the time created by the postponement allows for greater consensus on the merits of those positions. In addition, there is a number of logistical matters that must be addressed as we prepare to have all sports competing in a shortened time frame. There’s a lot of questions that remain unanswered

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