ACU Football remains hopeful for football in fall

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The College Football season is hanging by a thread, and ACU is doing everything they can to play football this fall.

Head Coach Adam Dorrel said, “I have yet to find anybody that has given me a good example of what the spring looks like. I think it’s weighing on people’s mind potentially what could happen down the road for college athletics. Maybe not the big boys but everybody else, there’s just a lot that could come into play there.”

Dusty Baker said, “Now that the Southland Conference has canceled all games for the fall and postponed to the spring, ACU is scrambling and they are looking to play any games whatsoever that they can manage here in the fall. That most likely will result in four to six non-conference games. The question also may be that, if they do play those games, will any of them be played here at Anthony Field? The reality is most of those will be Power 5 teams and so, most likely, ACU will be forced to travel and only practice here at Anthony Field.”

Dorrel said, “The overall theme is that people are just super disappointed that there are student-athletes that aren’t getting the chance to do something when maybe other student-athletes across the country are. Everyone wants to talk about the Power 5 and those kids and what they’re doing. This impacts our kids and a lot of our kids would not have an opportunity to get a college education without a sport. “

ACU Head Coach Adam Dorrel’s mission is to get his players on the field playing relavent fall games against any opponents they can find.

Dorrel said, “They’re just very grateful to play and, to be honest, they don’t care who it is.”

And while times are uncertain, there is a strong belief ACU Football can still happen in the near future.

Dorrel said, “It’s not difficult right now because we have hope, because our leadership has given us hope.”

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