ACU students returned to school on Monday after spring break, and the football team continues spring practice on Tuesday afternoon.

The Wildcats are three practices of 15 into the spring.

Head coach Keith Patterson was brought in to build a team that can win an NCAA FCS national championship

It takes competitiveness and physicality to do that.

Patterson says he sees both in the 2023 Wildcat football team.

“I think we have a competitive spirit. We are out here competing. We had three really good days of practice,” Patterson said. “Everyday got just a little bit better and continuing to compete. They are being smart and taking care of each other. The second thing is the physicality. We are a lot more physical that what we were at times a year ago. I love the spirit in which they come to practice every day.”

ACU practices three time this week. The first open practice is a scrimmage on Saturday, March 25 at 10 a.m.