The Wildcats had a tough loss on Saturday.

The offense had three turnovers; meanwhile, the defense surrendered 300 rushing yards for the third time this season.

Since joining FCS, ACU has given up 50 points six times.

Keith Patterson said, “It’s just one of those things. It’s hard to explain, honestly. We didn’t do a good job of getting our guys ready for what to expect from those guys. Everything we did the previous weeks, we did not do. We’ll see our guys respond. They’re embarrassed. They know they didn’t play well. You don’t have to tell them. You just show them the video. We’ve just get to back to that brand of football where we are swarming, flying around, gang tackling, creating those turnovers.”

ACU plays back to back home games to finish off the conference schedule.

They’ll play Utah Tech Saturday, November 4.